StoryLines: everything about Steve Jobs in details.

Teleprompters: a staple of broadcast news, TED talks, and presidential addresses. For all their convenience, they can also be quite the headache when you have to choose which one is right for your video production. It can be a lot to consider.

Choosing the Right Music for Your YouTube Video

Whether you’re a travel vlogger, tutorial maestro, or short film director, using the right music can make or break your view count. Based on trends and recent successes, the specific shots and the overall personality you put into your video do not determine its success by themselves. One of the most crucial elements of your work is the music you use — choosing the right musical genre for the right video can make a world of difference.

Everything You Need to Know About Tripods for Video

Tripods are a staple of professional filmmaking and videography. If you’ve ever tried to work without one, you’ll quickly learn why they’re so essential. From stationary interview setups to cinematic moves like pans, tilts, and dollies, tripods perform some of a filmmaker’s most important tasks.

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